Partners in Education Week

We can all be a piece of the P.I.E. for public education in Claremont!

Saturday, May 29, 2021 through Saturday, June 5, 2021

Join us for P.I.E. Week as we recognize all the members of the community who support Claremont public schools!

Online Auction and Raffle • Family Picnic & Paint Night • Partner Events • Claremont Toyota RAV4 Raffle Drawing • And More!

Is your business interested in becoming a P.I.E.?

Partner with CEF for our “Partners in Education (PIE) Week” and show your support for public education in Claremont while we show our support for you, our partners. We invite any local business to decide how they would like to structure their give back to CEF. It can be a flat amount, a percentage of sales, a donation whenever a specific item is purchased, etc. We know during these trying times, everyone is under tight financial constraints so we are leaving it up to you to decide the amount you’d like to give back. Prior to and throughout the week, we will be promoting your business to the district families as well as our own contact lists letting everyone know you are a P.I.E. with us and they should make purchases and support your business during P.I.E. Week. Additionally, we also will send out any coupon of your choice for people to use after P.I.E. Week so you can attract more people to your store with no obligation to CEF. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

For more information or to become a Partner in Education, email or call (909) 331-0107.

CEF Partners in Education

Click here to become a Partner in Education (P.I.E.)!


$50 donated to CEF for each closed transaction through 12/31/21


Ongoing Business Partner

Official Sponsor of the Annual CEF Toyota Car Raffle

Featured Partner
P.I.E. Week 2021 Sponsor


10% Back to CEF on all Sales


P.I.E. Week 2021 Sponsor


1% Back to CEF on all Sales


20% Back to CEF on all Sales

P.I.E. Week 2021 Sponsor


10% Back to CEF on all Sales


After 6/5, 10% off all orders over $30 with discount code: WINE10

P.I.E. Week 2021 Sponsor


$29 Back to CEF on all Learning Plans Purchased


10% Back to CEF on all New Registrations

Ways you can be a CEF P.I.E. (Partner in Education)

  • Make a donation to Claremont Educational Foundation – no gift is too large or too small
  • Own a business? Donate a percentage of sales during P.I.E. Week (or throughout the year) to CEF
  • Host a virtual event with proceeds benefitting CEF school grants program
  • Participate in a CEF Virtual Event
  • Support Partner in Education businesses
  • Follow us on Instagram and "Like" us on Facebook
  • Share our social media posts
  • Start a social media Fundraiser Challenge
  • Bid on items during CEF's P.I.E. Week online auction
  • Designate "Claremont Educational Foundation" as the recipient when you shop at
  • Designate CEF as a recipient in your Donor Advised Fund
  • Establish an Endowment with CEF (CEF Investment Policy)
Donate Now!
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